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Does the wine world sometimes seem to you like a labyrinth you will never have a map for? Do you struggle to choose a wine when standing in front of a shelf of almost endless and certainly quite unknown choices? In the fotauvin wine seminars you learn about wine in a way that choosing wine becomes easier without having to learn all about the eternity of grape varieties and wine regions.  

all the wine seminars take place in the center of Zurich and will be conducted in English.

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29 June 2020

18:30, Zürich

Sour whites barely good enough for Fondue and reds that taste as light as syrup, is this the image you have of Swiss wines? Think again. Swiss wines have a long history and are gaining popularity as the treasure that was ignored for way too long.  



Doing research about consumer behavior and wine gave me more insight in how high consumers' tolerance for frustrating is. Let's consider this: you'd like to buy a joghurt, there are 15 different types with a price range of CHF 1.50. There's chocolate joghurt and strawberry joghurt and many more flavors but for each you'll more or less have an idea of what it tastes like.

Now, you come to the wine shelf: 500 different types of wine, a price range of CHF 50 or more and you have no clue how each of these will taste like and whether you like it or not.

Wine may be a complex topic and a challenging one but the last thing it should be is frustrating. With my background in agricultural sciences (ETH Zürich), my experience in working in wineries, wine trading and wine marketing, and with my knowledge from my work as a researcher, my goal is to teach people about wine in an engaging and systematic way so you will have less trouble but more fun finding a wine you like.


Cornelia Staub
Doctoral Student in Consumer Behavior, ETH Zürich

I was really impressed by how well organized the event was and how well educated Cornelia is on those topics. I can feel her passion for wine. Not mentioning the cool location. Impressive and engaging.

Davide P., Zürich



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